“Easy On Me” (Review)

Adele for “30” album.

Adele released the first song “Easy On Me” and the 2nd track to her fourth-coming album “30” which will be available on Nov. 19th.

Adele, as usual, shows off her vocals on “Easy On Me” and includes her amazing crafting skill and lyrics. On this track, she explains how after her divorce she realizes she never got the chance to be a kid, to experience her twenties. She wrote about maturing early and changing herself to put her ex-husband and child before herself and her mental capacity. Adele, as usual, gave us the soaring vocals and piano ballad we love from her. “Easy On Me” is easily one of the best songs released this year and one of the best in her discography yet. Personally, I’m still not ready for what she still has to come on the upcoming album.

The women in music will, for sure, be giving us a sad autumn next month as we prepare for both, Adele’s “30” and Taylor Swift’s “Red (Taylor’s Version).”


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