‘Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)’ (Review)

Taylor Swift gave the world another taste of what her re-recordings are, the morning of September 17th, when she surprise released her version of the 2014 hit-single “Wildest Dreams.”

Since 2006 Taylor was signed to a record label by the name of Big Machine Records, in 2018 after 13 years of music recordings, photo shoots, deals, and more, Taylor’s contract with them had finally came to an end. Unfortunately, Scott Borchetta, the owner of Big Machine Records, had hidden that in the contact it said after the 13 years signed to him was up, he would there forward, own the rights to all of the work she made within that 13 years. A year later, the summer of 2019, Scott had sold the rights to Taylor’s work over to long time nemesis, Scooter Braun, whilst knowing that this same man had publicly bullied Taylor for years, those same years being the downfall of her mental health. Taylor was never told that the rights to her music had been sold or were even on the market to be sold, so she was never given the chance to buy them back from Scott. After 2019, the contract states that she may, the year prior to the selling of her masters (Nov. 2020), re-record her masters on her new record label, where she owns 100% of what she does.

Starting in November, Taylor had been re-recording the first five albums; Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, RED, and 1989. (not including her sixth album reputation, which she cannot re-record until Nov. 2022.) Taylor started with her second album Fearless and released her version of the album back in April.

Fans have been waiting to hear more of the re-recordings since and finally got to hear a snippet of the re-recorded song “Wildest Dreams,” from her major-success of a fifth album, 1989. This was back in May, since then the fans have been begging to hear more of the song and more of the re-recorded album 1989. Even making it trend on the social media platform Twitter.

Taylor took it to TikTok, early morning September 17th, posting a longer snippet of the song Wildest Dreams and said that she might even release the full song later. Obviously, she released the song that day. Fans, while have a full meltdown all over social media, had the song number one on iTunes within the same hour of its release. The song became even bigger of a success than the original, having more streams in the first hour of its release, than the biggest streaming and sales day of the original. Incredible.

Definitely go take a listen if you haven’t because I personally think the song sounds way more mature and overall better than the original. Taylor’s vocals are absolutely astonishing. To be honest, just happy to know she owns not only this song, but her heartbeat in the background.

Go check it out.


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