Why Having a 4-day Week is a Good Idea

Those with memories more active may remember the 4-day week idea. If you do not know what I’m talking about, about two years ago there was a rumor going around that a 4-day week schedule for school was in the talks. While I may not know the specifics, or if they ever even thought they would go through with it, it is clear that Covid-19 stopped any talks before it got serious. Unfortunately, this rumor had begun around February and March of 2020, bad timing as not far after we were hit with a nationwide quarantine.

Again, I must repeat, I have no intuition as to whether this idea was serious, but I do know that many people would be happy with the change if it were ever in talks again. Five percent of the districts in Missouri already have the 4-day week schedule, proving that this idea isn’t just a pipe dream, and rather is a possibility in our future at Winfield. If you have been lost so far as to how the 4-day week schedule would work, every class throughout the day would have an extra fifteen minutes to make up for an extra day in the week. This causes students to work the same amount each week as they normally would. So if your worry was less work, we students would still be entitled to around 40 hours a week of work.

Let’s start with some pros to this new concept; One being that the school would technically slowly spend less money over time. This is an example of how the school could be interested in this at all, as saving money is always a good thing. Not only that but for students, if the school can save more money, then some school-funded events may have more money put into them. This would result in a better experience for everyone when an event occurs.

Another major pro of this scheduling system is that people can schedule important things on Friday rather than wasting a school day. Things like doctor appointments and sports events can be scheduled on a Friday like normally, and not disrupt any school-related things. This day could be used for many things and can pull in more staff into Winfield, as people like the idea of fewer days a week for their jobs as long as they make the same money. Attendance can help gather money for schools, and the statistics say that students’ attendance rates go up with a 4-day week. 

All of the previous things I have stated should be enough to give solid evidence as to why 4-day weeks work for the school. However, I want to speak for the students when I say that most people would prefer 4-day weeks. Many students would prefer having 3-day weekends even if it means more hours during the days, just due to how many problems it would solve. It would result in far more sleep in the week, which is very healthy for the students’ minds and academic capacity. It would help with job scheduling difficulties for students in high school. It would solve so many issues if we implemented this system of scheduling, or at least start talking about it again.

Now to be fair, there are cons to implementing this system as well, such as how hard it would be just to change everything in the school that is related to the schedule. Or how many households do not have someone to babysit on Fridays, resulting in the family’s having to pay for a babysitter or a daycare, which can cause problems. However I think the pros outweigh many of the cons, and I personally think we should implement the 4-day week.

Overall, the 4-day week will likely not happen, at least not in the near future, but I think the talk of it should still be out there. The execution of this system would be hard to pull off at first, however, I think over time it will prove beneficial. Therefore, we need a 4-day week in the Winfield School District.


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