‘Skinny Dipping’ (Review)

Sabrina Carpenter for Skinny Dipping

‘Skinny Dipping,’ a song by Sabrina Carpenter, released September 8th. Sabrina announced the song on social media a couple weeks ago, and has been teasing the song for about a month. Gaining the excitement from the public that the song very much deserved.

Now, from verse to verse, to chorus to chorus, Sabrina shows off how much she’s grown since her previously released albums ‘Singular Act I’ and ‘Singular Act II,’ even how much she’s grown since her last released song ‘Skin’ which dropped back in January. 

Now, let’s get into the details of the song.

The story begins as Sabrina softly presents a vulnerable love story about seeing an old partner again. The song then transfers into the chorus, so perfectly from the first verse that it could give you chills. Transferring into the second verse she describes this old partner and her planning their first date again, going to the same restaurant and being scared to do it all over again. The second verse goes into the second chorus and the song adds a symphony layer to the background giving the song a more upbeat, exciting feeling to it. The song then slows down, losing the backing guitar and fading the symphony and going to just Sabrina’s vocals, closing the song.

Overall, the whole song gave me chills when I first listened to it on my own. The video, the lyrics, the visualization, everything that Sabrina turned this song into. ‘Skinny Dipping’ easily turned into one of my favorite songs by Sabrina to this date, very excited for the rest of the music coming within the next year.


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