The Girls Golf Team is Ready to Drive Down the Competition

The Girls Golf Team at the Troy Invitational. Photo taken by Bridget Baker. Pictured (from left to right): Kade Berry, Madison Schleeper, Chloe Seidel, Charlotte Cryts, and Maddie Reed. Not Pictured: Myah McCoud, Alyssa Vanhoozier, Abie Weber, Abby Beckemeier, Emma Jenkins, and Annabelle Wallace.

For the first Student Group of the Week blog post, I interviewed Coach Baker, the girls golf coach and the counselor at Winfield Intermediate. Golf is a wonderful sport to play for anyone who just wants to be involved and make new friends. While it is complicated and can be quite frustrating, it’s also a great sport to play. Without further ado, here is my interview with Coach Baker:

I: What are the main things you would like to accomplish within this golf season?

CB: Growing individually and just having fun while playing golf.

I: Do you think you will come back to coach again next year?

CB: I hope so and I plan to if I can.

I: What are some of the benefits of playing golf?

CB: Golf is a lifelong sport, it’s something you can just mess around with. People can just play on weekends or after work sometimes. It’s also a good way to keep active.

I: How has this golf season been so far in your opinion?

CB: It’s been going good. There’s been lots of growth from when we started and that’s amazing. We’re just taking it one step at a time. I’m honestly really impressed with the amount of improvement the girls have had for a lot of them, never having played before or not having many years of experience.

I: How many times have you coached?

CB: This is my first time coaching any sports.

I: How did you find out and ultimately choose to become the golf coach?

CB: An email was sent out and I talked to Coach Hesselbach which ultimately convinced me. I was nervous but excited. 

I: What is your favorite thing about golf?

CB: It can bring people together. Everyone can empathize with great shots and with the ones that go in the water at one point or another.

I: What is a fun fact about golf?

CB: St. Andrew’s is one of the first golf courses ever made and is in Scotland.  

I: What is something you’re proud of the golf team for?

CB: Giving it our best shot. The girls are up against people who have been playing longer and they still go out and try their best. I’m really proud of everyone. 

I: How much experience do you have playing golf?

CB: I’ve been playing since 6th grade. I played in summer junior leagues until high school, and then I played all four years during high school. Since then, I have played in about 4-5 tournaments a year. In all, that’s about 21 years of golf experience.

After my interview with Coach Baker, I interviewed two girls golf players: Maddie Reed and Emma Jenkins. This is what they had to say to my questions:

I: Why did you choose to play golf?

MR: I wanted to try playing a different sport from the ones I used to play. 

EJ: I chose golf because it was something new I have not done before, and I thought it would be a good learning experience.

I: What is your favorite thing about playing golf?

MR: My favorite thing is when I drive the ball or when I hit the ball and have really good hits and swings. 

EJ: My favorite thing about playing golf would definitely be the people. I’ve made a bunch of new friends.

This was a wonderful way to kick off the weekly Student Group of the Week article. If you feel like golf might be your thing, talk to Coach Hesselbach in the Athletics Office and thank you for reading and learning a little bit about golf. Next week, I will be interviewing the Girls Softball team.


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