I’m very sad that the football season is coming to an end, but excited for wrestling to start. The start of wrestling means long waits in the cold before practice. As the basketball players get the nice and warm gym. Going home in the dark even though it’s only 6 at night.

 The good feeling of the pads on your shoulders and the helmet on your head is almost over.  Getting hyped with everyone and big speeches by Coach. Watching game film just to get yelled at about the film. What I will miss most of all is dinners with the whole team, and playing cornhole with the coaches before practice.  

On to wrestling season, and watching each other getting body slammed. Trying new tricks and moves.  Seeing faces on other teams that you haven’t seen since last year. The meets are the best, watching your team wrestle against teams that give a good match. All around, wrestling is one of those sports that no matter what you do, friends are made. 

Wrestling has taught me not only lessons on the mat, but ones that apply to everyday life. One of the biggest lessons is to never underestimate others. I learned this lesson when I was body slammed by an opponent I figured I would beat. 

The fact is football is almost over as well as wrestling is starting. With that all the members with the team stay but the seniors leave.  Freshmen join the team and get to start.  All the players put their helmets up and go on in their lives.

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