‘30’ Review

Adele by Simon Emmett for 30 album

Adele released her fourth album titled “30,” as usual, after her age writing the album. The album was released Friday, November 19. Broke records, but for Adele…what’s new? The ballad queen is known for her pure sales and breaking records.

The album starts off smooth and slow with “Strangers By Nature,” which is filled with beautifully played strings and Adele’s amazing vocals. Ending the songs she says “I’m ready“ and the song perfectly transfers into the lead-single “Easy On Me.”

As we know, “Easy On Me” is an amazing ballad that was released prior to the album, broke records and kept the number one spot on quite literally everything for weeks. I absolutely adore Adele’s strong vocals and amazing lyricism on this track. The chilling, strong bridge, gets to me every single time. I’m quite literally obsessed with this song and think anybody who listens to it will be drawn to it to.

The third track, “My Little Love,” is written for her son. Adele sings about being lost in life and trying to find her place as a mother, through days where she thinks she just not good enough. Adele’s lyricism is absolutely amazing, yet again, on this track. Her vocals pull through on the chorus as the strings get stronger. Added in, are voice memos of her talking to her son, which make the emotion of the song even stronger. I absolutely adore this song with all my heart, it truly shows how hard it is to raise a kid through a divorce, not only that but being a first time mother. The very ending of the song is a voice memo of Adele talking about how lonely she feels without her ex-husband and son, which just extremely adds emotion to the song. This song is perfect.

The fourth track, “Cry Your Heart Out,” sifts through crying yourself through your pain, even if it’s hard. It talks about serious issues, but with the upbeat piano, it makes you want to listen to the track over and over again. The song, and the album, has a overall R&B, 60’s pop, vibe to it, which I personally love. “Cry Your Heart Out,” so perfectly describes not feeling ok, just trying to live your life, and going through pain.

Now onto the fifth track, “Oh My God,” which i’m absolutely astonished by, and in love with. This song is not really what you’d expect from Adele. The song starts off with a smooth pop feeling, then works it’s way to the explosive chorus. The choir layered bridge makes the song even better. The song is so catchy and I cannot get over it. Adele’s, as usual, amazing vocals, fit perfectly with the way the song goes. I mean…you can’t go wrong with an Adele song, can you?

The sixth track, “Can I Get It,” starts off with the strum of a guitar, slowly moves into a pop/rock sound through the verses, quickly and perfectly, it transfers into an amazing pop anthem. This song is definitely one of my favorites on the album, another unexpected song on this album. It truly shows she went out of her usual comfort zone, making this amazing album. Personally, I find the whistles and the bridge, the best parts of the song. It is so satisfying to see how she can test herself, not in just one, but many different ways, all the time.

Going back to her amazing roots for the seventh track, “I Drink Wine.” The piano ballad, not only displays her vocals amazingly, but perfectly shows how amazing of a lyricist she truly is. She talks about relationships coming to an end, learning to become the best version of herself, and two people becoming better for each other. The song is genius in so many ways. The choir in the backing vocals, her “Adele” marked vocals, just everything about this song screams “AMAZING.” I truly mean it when I say that this song is more than amazing. Again, she adds in another voice memo, which intensifies the emotion of the song even more. I am truly in love with this track, but how could you not be.

Track eight, Adele’s first collaboration, which is with the amazing, Erroll Garner, whom passed away back in 1977. This track is titled “All Night Parking.” Immediately after listening to this track, my jaw was dropped to the floor. It starts off with the amazing work of Erroll, stripped down, then moves adds a beat layer over, as Adele’s raspy, smooth voice moves in, the song creates a R&B, Soul feeling. In so many ways, this song is beautiful. Highlights of it, are definitely the piano, the amazing layers of Adele’s vocals, along with her vocals in general. Once again, another amazing song.

Track nine, titled “Woman Like Me,” Adele sings about her old flame, never having someone like her. Oh, boy have the tables turned. Adele’s raspy voice shows once again on this track, as the stripped guitar and drums sink into the background. This song, you could just sit back and sway to. She smoothly goes through the song, singing about the ways this person could’ve been better and all the ways that they manipulated her into feeling like she had to fix them. This song, is truly amazing, I’m not just saying this. She’s an astonishing artist and every song on this album proves it.

Track ten, titled “Hold On,” is probably my personal favorite from the album. This song is so perfect. It shows who Adele is, while maintaining the amazing sound she’s made her own, throughout this new album. The stripped piano and Adele’s stripped vocals, make it sound like she’s sitting directly in front of you, playing this song. The lyrics, piercingly relatable to anybody who’s doubted themselves, or just not felt ok. As she sings about holding onto the moment, living life to its fullest, and letting time just be patient. The song, about feeling like you’re just surviving, not truly living. I find each and every line just perfect. Her vocals in the song, make it even better. “You are still strong,” she sings, reminding herself and everybody listening, to “just hold on.” I was astonished by this track, every listen it gets better. The strong choir layered throughout the background, the amazing vocals of Adele herself, the orchestra hits towards the ending of the track as her vocals get stronger. The song, overall, is astonishing and I’m still astonished at every listen.

Track eleven, which is 2nd to last, is titled “To Be Loved.” The song is just what you’d expect from an Adele song and more; the ballad piano, vocally beautiful, and lyrically piercing. I personally love the way that she sings the chorus, so vocally strong and almost like she is showing you the pain she is feeling. That grip that she grabs onto you with does not loosen throughout the rest of the song. She truly shows how much pain she is feeling and writes about trying her best to stay in a relationship she knows she cannot and should not. The bridge, she grabs onto you even stronger with her strong vocals. I notice that I continue to state how amazing of a vocalist she is, but this album seriously puts her in a whole new light.

Now, the last track, “Love Is A Game.” The song starts off with amazingly played, classic strings, which remind me of an old Disney song, smoothly Adele starts her first verse. I love how amazing she transfers from the verse to the chorus, she so smoothly picks up a snare and drums, which then go into the second verse. The chorus also brings in backing vocals, which remind me of more Disney movies. This verse has more chilling strings played. The verse yet again triumphantly goes into the second chorus, which just as amazingly goes into the bridge. Because I cannot find a better word to suit this song, if I had to use two words, I would use triumphant and magical. The song is amazing, yet again with her vocals and just in general.

Overall, I think Adele has done it again. She has made one of the best albums…like- ever. She continues to astonish me every single time. The old theater-y and classic sound to this entire album gave it such a nostalgic feeling, which makes the whole experience 20 times better. Compared to some of her older hits, which I hate doing, but will this time around, I truly believe that she has outdone herself once again.

Make sure to go check out the new Adele album “30.”

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