‘Just Look Up’ Review

Ariana Grande & Kid Cudi for “Don’t Look Up”

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi released, “Just Look Up,” from the soundtrack for the Netflix original film, “Don’t Look Up,” last night, December 3rd.

The song starts off with Ariana Grande and a slow-playing piano. Ariana’s breathy vocals make their appearance on the very first verse, along with her breathy vocals. On the chorus, Ariana belts out the title of the song, which sounds amazing, I was astonished, jaw dropped, and everything. Ariana has always been a stunning, divine vocalist though. The instruments on the chorus, transfer with Ariana’s vocals, adding drums along with the piano, and a beautiful orchestra full of brass instruments, and more, making it come in strong, and trust me it does not go back.

The second verse, sung by Kid Cudi, takes on his character’s point of view, even calling Ariana by her character’s name. He sounded truly phenomenal, as usual. What I noticed the most, were his backing vocals, which were breathtaking. He and Ariana harmonizing in the background absolutely made the whole verse sound even more fantastic.

After Kid Cudi puts his astounding marks on the song, Ariana returns to sing the third verse. This time, Ariana takes on even more of her character, Riley Bina’s, point of view. After this amazing verse, we’re in for the final chorus, which is just as stunning as the rest, but this time even more triumphant than before, but smoothly ending with Ariana’s vocals.

Overall, I found the song amazing. I’m always here for an Ariana song. Her vocals never fail to astonish me. Kid Cudi did amazing on the song, and their voices blended so well together, which is, of course, not surprising.

The song truly just makes me so much more excited to go check out this movie. So go listen to the new Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi song, “Just Look Up,” from the Netflix original film “Don’t Look Up” when you get the chance to.


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