The Softball Team is Hitting it Out of the Park

The Varsity Softball Team as Winfield High School. Pictured above: (from left to right, top to bottom) Delaney Whitfield, Nyia Sullivan, Lily Boschert, Kylee Howard, Grace Reinebach, Isabel Reinebach, Jaycee Gillette, Camile Schulte, Emma Dixon, Sophie Reinebach, Maggie Jordan, Chloe Wehde, Alexa Nickles, Riley Havican, Anna Hoeckelmann, Camille Martin, Chloe Turnbull, and Raegan Gebert

Not pictured: Maicey Aubuchon, Abigail Martin, Laycie Ellis, Jordyn Sheat, Callie Luetkenhaus, and Evie Stark

This week for the Student Group of the Week article, I interviewed Coach Streed. Coach Streed is the softball coach, and he teaches weight training, health, credit recovery, team sports, and intro to physical education. Softball is a fun sport that challenges you physically and mentally and gives you a great challenge. Here’s my interview with Coach Streed:

I: What are the main things you would like to accomplish this softball season?

CS: I think this season we’re trying to shape the culture into what we want to build for our future. Foundations need to be created in order to support your house, and we need to do the same for softball. So, this might be a growing year, but we look to compete everyday and be ready by October.

I: Was softball/baseball your favorite sport when you were in high school?

CS: No, not my favorite sport. Football was my passion. I had college offers for baseball and football, and I chose the route of baseball.

I: What are you proud of the softball team for so far?

CS: We have an extreme amount of dedication. The girls work hard, and I think that they have a good amount of trust in our coaching staff to help them to prepare. And, I think we are continuing to build, one day at a time.

I: What is different about the Winfield softball team as compared to other softball teams?

CS: You have different girls every time. The players make the team. I’ll be here forever, but this year we’ve got a different group of girls, and hopefully we’re building our chemistry. I think this year, a big difference from other teams in the past is speed, and to being able to use that speed on offense and defense.

I: What is your favorite thing about coaching softball?

CS: The pace of the game and the strategy to it. If I had to pick between baseball and softball, I would pick softball because of the strategy and how much faster paced it is.

I: How long have you been coaching?

CS: I have been coaching a total of eleven years. I did not start out with coaching softball. I actually started out with coaching football at Bowling Green, and the following year I decided to become the head coach of softball, so it’s my tenth year coaching softball.

I: What is your favorite thing about being a softball coach?

CS: That everyday’s a new day. I love the sport because not very often [in sports] do you get a chance to make up for a mistake or get a new opportunity and personally when girls understand that they’ve got so many opportunities. I really love to coach the mental side of things and watch them grow into not only a stronger player, but a stronger person by the end of their high school career.

I: Why did you end up deciding to coach softball?

CS: Football’s a really long season, and I was a baseball guy. I had always been interested in softball. I did my student teaching around Troy’s head coach and they showed me how softball should be coached and I’ve had that interest ever since and took it on that second year of my career.

I: What is one fun fact about softball?

CS: There’s 108 stitches on a baseball and for softballs it can vary between 88-96 stitches, which is confusing because you would think that the bigger ball would have more stitches.

I: What are some benefits of playing softball?

CS: I don’t think that there’s other sports that challenge the mental aspect as much as softball and baseball. We are a sport of failure. So how we respond to failure determines how successful we are in that day and/or that season.

I: What would you say the most important thing is in softball?

CS: Make sure you have equipment. I’ve shown up to a game before and the kids forgot balls. It’s pretty hard to warm up without balls, and so those kids ran the entire game that they did not play in because we need to be responsible. So remembering equipment, I guess. I bet you my girls would say there’s a lot more to remember because I am very complex and complicated.

After my interview with Coach Streed, I interviewed softball players Maicey Aubuchon, Varsity, and Abby Martin, JV. Maicey has been playing softball for about 11 years, and Abby has been playing for 10 years! These were there responses to my questions:

I: Why did you choose to play softball?

MA: While playing, I have a good mentality, it keeps me motivated, I want it to be a lifelong commitment, and when I play I can get away from reality.

AM: I chose to play softball because it was something my dad loved the idea of me doing, so I gave it a try. I ended up falling in love with the sport, so here I am 10 years later.

I: Is softball your favorite sport?

MA: Yes

AM: Yes, it is.

I: Are there any professional softball players you look up to?

MA: Haley Cruse. She plays for the Oregon Ducks.

AM: No, I don’t.

This was a wonderful interview with the Softball Team. Good luck softball players, you’ve got this! Thank you to Coach Streed, Maicey Aubuchon, and Abby Martin for agreeing to let me interview them, and thank you to everyone who read this article and learned a little bit more about softball. Next week, I will be interviewing the Cheerleading Team. Until next time, have a good week!


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