The Cheerleading Team Has No Chants of Losing

The Winfield High School Cheerleading Team. This photo was taken by Lillian Deardeuff. Pictured above: (from left to right, top to bottom) Madalynn Bates, Alisyn Eikermann, Jenae Sheat, Gracie Martinez, Annabelle Wallace, Chloe Seidel, Reagen Sherer, Julia Edwards, Elana Franklin, Brooklyn King, Mikayla Matthews, Anyla Jackson, Logan Sanford, Myah McCloud, and Madalynn Bligh.

Not Pictured: Maicey Aubuchon, Alexa Leonard, Makayla Meyer, and Nevaeh Rodgers

This week I interviewed Coach Elizabeth-with some notes from Jenae Sheat-for the Student Group of the Week article. Coach Elizabeth is the high school cheerleading coach. Cheerleading is a very hard sport that I think is sometimes taken for granted. Cheerleaders keep the crowd hyped up and wanting to keep watching the game. Cheerleaders are a very important part of a football game. This was how our interview went:

I: What do you want to accomplish this cheerleading season?

CL: I would really just like to improve our team overall as far as relationships go and just the difficulty of the stunts and routines that we do. I’d also really just like to get us back to competitions.

I: What are you proud of the cheerleading team for so far?

CL: They have made tremendous growth and change just from stepping in in July. They’ve really started working together and they’ve put up a lot of effort.

I: What’s a fun fact about cheerleading?

CL: In a recent study, people have found that cheerleading is more physical than football as far as getting hurt, so cheerleading has a higher risk of getting hurt than football.

I: How did you end up becoming the cheerleading coach?

CL: It was a joke and then it became real life. My friend was going to do this with me and then she ditched me, and now I’m coaching cheerleading.

I: Were you a cheerleader in high school?

CL: Yes and in college.

I: What is your favorite thing about cheerleading?

CL: Crowd interaction.

I: What is your favorite thing about coaching?

CL: The relationships with the girls.

I: What do you think is the cheerleading team’s greatest strength?

CL: The teamwork. We just work really well together.

I: What are some benefits of cheerleading?

CL: You learn a lot and you get new bonds with people you didn’t think you’d normally have bonds with.

I: What is the most important thing to remember in cheerleading?

CL: Definitely The words. The motions and routines as well. Honestly just everything sums it all up. You have a lot more to remember in cheerleading than a lot of other sports, so you don’t really want to forget anything.

I also interviewed cheerleaders Chloe Seidel and Myah McCloud. These were the answers that they gave me:

I: Why did you chose to be a cheerleader?

CS: I chose to be a cheerleader because I wanted to support and represent our school.

MM: I chose to be a cheerleader because I like the family aspects of the team and I enjoy stunting and cheering on the teams.

I: What’s your favorite thing about cheerleading?

CS: My favorite thing about cheerleading is making such a good “family” type bond with all the girls.

MM: My favorite thing about cheering are the memories. I’ve made so many great memories in the past 6 years.

This was a great interview that really showed what the cheerleading team is really like. They really have great bonds and are like a family. Thank you to Myah and Chloe for agreeing to letting me interview you. Thank you to Coach Elizabeth and Jenae Sheat for also letting me interview you on different aspects of cheerleading. Next week, I will be interviewing the Football Team.

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