~ (monsters)

Photo by Alex Fogarty

I miss being little when it was so simple,
money was from the tooth fairy,
monsters were the only thing scary,
love was from my mother, I didn’t need anything other.

I miss running in the sun, making any moment fun.
I miss late nights looking at the stars and playing with my little cars,
nothing was this blurry, not a single worry.

I miss being little when it was so simple,
I miss dreaming of fairies and picking Mom’s strawberries,
when the only thing that scared me was the monster in the basement
and not knowing what things meant.

I miss being sung to sleep and counting all the sheep,
not knowing which toys to keep,
didn’t care what was expensive and what was cheap.

The world seems so simple, but it’s only until you leap.
So when the monsters start to creep from underneath,
it’ll be hard not to weep, but you’ll make it
through all the struggles, through all the pain, you’ll make it.

So don’t be scared of the monsters that creep from underneath.


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