The Calm DURING The Storm

On Friday, December 10, the Winfield Chamber Singers took off to the Daniel Boone home to perform inside of the church. The acoustics were absolutely gorgeous in there, and they all were having a wonderful time, until lightning began to distract them from their singing. And then thunder. The storm began to get worse and worse, until the singers and everyone inside the church had to exit the building and go downstairs to the safety of the basement. 

It was claustrophobic, everyone had fear in their voice for what was going to happen next. With the church so far away, the visitors couldn’t even contact their families during the terrible storm. The panic seemed to rise in the room with no end in sight. The chamber singers thought about what they could do to calm everyone’s nerves and music saved the day once again. Silent Night was heard from the group. There came silence from the terrified children, the worried parents, and all that was heard was the harmonious music from the singers.

Of course, music can’t remove the storm, but what it CAN remove is the tears. This group is the shining light in the face of darkness. 

(Nice job, girls.)


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