My Favorite Movie of 2021


2021 was a great year for movies in my opinion, as it had most movies delayed from 2020, so you were bound to find a film to enjoy that year. To me, it was not near as good for movies like the years of 2019 or 2017, but it was an all-around enjoyable year. Although, even this year wasn’t exempt from delays into 2022. Films like Morbius, Top Gun: Maverick, etc., have been delayed into 2022 because of Covid-19. The point is, there were a lot of films to like in 2021. The question is, what was my favorite movie of 2021?

Honorable Mentions

First, I will go over my honorable mentions for my favorite movie of 2021, starting with my 4th favorite movie of the year, Tick, Tick … Boom!. Tick, Tick … Boom! Is a film that came out on Netflix this year about Jonathon Larson going through the struggles of making it in the playwright world. It’s an emotional journey that’s sure to inspire anyone who watches and had me captivated by Jon’s struggles throughout all of the movie. I don’t have much to say, to be fair, but I do recommend the experience. 

My third favorite film, and the next honorable mention, is the obvious Spider-Man: No Way Home. A jaw-dropping experience that rewards fans of the past two decades of Spider-Man movies and had me captivated most of the time. If you somehow don’t know, Spier-Man: No way Home is about the MCU Spider-man facing the consequences of his identity being revealed, through a chain of events, causing the multiverse to split. It is filled with fan service and should be watched if even slightly interested, but I had problems with it. I will be brief, but the first half of the movie is not greatly written, and it is hard to ignore. The whole premise is set on a problem that could’ve been solved with one sentence, one of the many signs of bad writing. Overall though, the ending is so good that it outweighs the first half, and makes it my third favorite film of the year.

The second best film this year for me was very close to my favorite, but it didn’t end up reaching it. That film being No Time to Die, the ending to more than a decade of films, and the continuation of six decades of the character. It is about James Bond going back to one more mission after he finds out Spectre is still following him. To add to why I love this movie, Daniel Craig’s James Bond portrayal is easily my favorite, as it adds a human side to him that was new to the series in this run of his character. This movie embraces the emotional and captivating story of the films and ends it so nicely. The ending had me so emotional that I ended up shedding a tear, the only movie of this year to do that to me. It is not without its flaws, but an amazing movie to a series that is well worth your time. 

My Favorite Movie of 2021

Finally, I get to talk about the movie that blew my mind the most out of any of these movies, that being The Suicide Squad. If you’ve seen my previous articles, you know I am a fan of the Superhero genre, but even I had not heard of most of the characters in this movie. One thing I love about James Gunn’s work is his ability to turn characters no one knows about into household names that are better than some popular characters. He’s done this before with The Guardians of the Galaxy, and he succeeded again with this movie. It introduced characters like Bloodsport, Rat Catcher, Peacemaker, etc., and made them lovable characters that many people now love.

The story behind why this film was made is very interesting as well. James Gunn was working on Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 when a popular Twitter drama incident happened online. He was looked at for offensive tweets from almost decades prior, and this was a problem with Disney, who ended up firing one of their biggest directors. DC, being their main competitor, saw an opportunity to take him in and ask him to make a movie for them. He was offered the opportunity to make any movie involving DC, and he chose to make a sequel to a widely hated film, Suicide Squad (2016). This story shows James Gunn perfectly, as he is a person who likes to give opportunities to characters that deserve it.

Now the story about the actual movie follows a premise set up in the past but done horribly wrong before. The idea being the government needs a backup in case superheroes to go bad, thus resulting in a bunch of supervillains doing the job. Their thought is that if they die, no one will care, and they did a lot, showing why they have that name in the first place. This premise shouldn’t be hard to get right, however, in the original, it is abysmally horrible. The first movie only kills one character at the beginning, showing no sense of danger in a movie about characters dying. The newest takes the premise and blows it out of the gate more than it should’ve been. The main characters die unexpectedly all of the time in this new one, creating this sense of dread for your favorite characters in the movie.

I know I’ve said many times that this movie is a sequel, but it is not necessary to watch the first one at all, in fact, I would recommend you never watch the first one. In contrast to the first one, this movie has such amazingly written characters that you honestly beg not to die, and the same will, trust me. Not to spoil too much, but by the end, every character is redeemed for what they had done or who people think they are. It truly shows a human side to some despicable people that you know you shouldn’t like as much as you do. It is a marvelous feat how much this movie makes the most stupid-sounding villains into the most engaging heroes I have ever seen on screen.

Another thing about this movie is its insane amount of goofiness and comical moments that make it so fun to watch. Not once throughout all of the movie had I thought about something else, just showing how much my eyes were peeled to the screen. This is one of the few movies I walked out of thinking, I wish that could’ve been even longer than it was. It wasn’t like I had low expectations either, I knew about James Gunn and expected to be amazed, and it still shocked me on how good it was.

Overall, the movie obviously isn’t perfect, as there are a few missed moments for some characters that I think would’ve helped a lot. But, I recommend this movie for anyone who wants to have a fun time, as no prior movie knowledge is really necessary for this movie, so you can go in completely blind. I loved this movie and I think it proves to me that James Gunn is one of my favorite directors in current-day cinema. I thoroughly recommend this movie and would give it a solid 95% on my review scale.


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