2022 Music Predictions

The Weeknd for “Take My Breath” Video by Cliqua

2022 is already predicted to be an eventful year in music. The Weeknd already making the jump, dropping his new album “dawn FM” within the first week of 2022. There are plenty more exciting releases planned to come this year, so that’s what we’re going to get into.

Artist To Expect…

The Weeknd —— The Weeknd just dropped his album “dawn FM,” which is absolutely astonishing. The whole world that Abel constantly creates is amazing. Abel is constantly trying to make listening to his albums like escaping into this whole different universe. “dawn FM,” which features Lil Wayne, Quincy Jones, and is narrated by Jim Carrey, is definitely like escaping into this whole Abel-created universe. Jim Carrey narrates as if he’s the host of radio station, this radio station slowly taking you into “the light.” This album is more than art, it is absolute insanity.

Taylor Swift —— Taylor Swift is re-recording her first 6 albums to gain ownership of them. After dropping Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) from her 1989 album back in September of 2021, fans now think that Taylor could be releasing her version of 1989 soon. After Taylor teased her fans in June, she has them convinced she may be releasing her version of her third album Speak Now this year too. So, what else is on Taylor’s plate right now? Taylor still has to re-record her self-titled debut album, so that’s likely to release this year too. Her sixth album ‘reputation’ is legal to be re-recorded as of this November also, so could we be expecting that too? Maybe, Taylor is pretty unpredictable these days.

Olivia Rodrigo —— Olivia Rodrigo is rumored to be releasing her second album that could be titled ‘SWEET’ this year. Fans have been theorizing the release of SOUR’s sister album since August of last year and have the world convinced she might be releasing another album soon.

Rihanna —— We still think it may never come, but could this be the year that Rihanna may be releasing new music, hopefully…since she hasn’t released fresh music since 2017’s ‘ANTi.’ It’ll be 6 years since hearing new music from the queen herself. She has given hints and talked about making a new reggae album but she tends to say this often, but could it actually be coming this time?

Beyonce —— Beyonce has been pretty quiet lately, giving her fans the hint that maybe she could be releasing soon, since she has surprise dropped her past few albums. Beyonce has been working on new music too, which has been confirmed herself through interviews.

Megan Thee Stallion —— Megan Thee Stallion is always in the studio making new music, she doesn’t really sit down. She’s posted TikTok videos of her being in the studio recording new music and Instagram post talking about being excited for her ‘Hotties’ to hear the new music she’s been working on. By these videos and posts I think it’s pretty safe to assume Megan’s heating up some fresh music.

Breakthrough Artist

This next part highlights some upcoming artists, that could have the “Olivia Rodrigo” breakthrough this year.

Griff — Griff had a light shined on her last year at the Brit Awards where she performed her song “Black Hole,” this song was also played on plenty of Late Night shows. “Black Hole,” shows how perfectly Griff can write and sing a pop song, without making it generic or overused like some songs on the radio these days. Griff truly would give a huge breather in the top 10 hits if she was given the right attention. She has perfect potential for everybody to love her as much as some of the major artists in the industry today. She truly blows me away. Out of all of the new artists predicted to break through, Griff definitely deserves that breakthrough moment.

Gracie Abrams — Gracie is absolutely astonishing. Her new album “This Is What It Feels Like” has songs with collaborators like Aaron Dessner, who worked with Taylor Swift on her recent album “folklore.” Gracie has major potential, she shows how amazingly talented she is on her recent single titled “Rockland,” which has absolutely astonishing lyrics.

Wallows — This group has some major potential. With songs like “OK” the band shows how perfectly they can make an 80s inspired pop song, but keep it modern. The band perfectly fits into hits, but keeps their own vibe too. Their aesthetic and vibe is perfectly different, having this group shed some daylight would definitely be a good refresher in the music industry right now.

Albums to Come…

There are plenty of albums set to come out by the end of this year, a lot of them, major ones. We started the year off with The Weeknd with “Dawn FM.” Later on into the year, we’ll hear from Taylor Swift with her next re-recorded album, which could be of her hit album ‘1989,’ and who knows maybe a new one will drop this year, you just never know with her. We’ll also be hearing from Charli XCX, who is set to drop her new album ‘Crash’ in March of this year. Another Charlie we’ll be hearing from this year is Charlie Puth, who has announced his highly-anticipated single “Light Switch” will make its way to platforms, on the 21st of January. J.Cole is also dropping this year, the date is unofficial, but look forward to that, Jack White is set to release his new albums ‘Fear of The Dawn’ and ‘Entering Heaven Alive’ on April 8th and July 22nd of this year. Pop hit maker, Normani, after dropping Wild Side with Cardi B last year, is expected to drop her solo-debut album by the end of this year, which I personally am super excited for. SZA is also expected to drop her new album this year after teasing us for two years with ‘Good Days’ and ‘I Hate U,’ another super exciting release to happen this year. So, that’s some super exciting releases this year, which ones are you most excited for? Did I miss any of your favorites?

2022 is definitely going to be a pretty thrilling year in music, hopefully we hear from some of your favorite artist. I’m definitely most excited for 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and anything from SZA and Normani. What are you looking forward to this year?


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