The Drama Club

This year, the high school drama club has been started up again after being inactive for a couple of years. Drama Club was reinstated this year by Ms. Cantrell, the freshman Language Arts teacher. Ms. Cantrell, the current and new drama club director, has taken on the job of helping the drama club members get ready for their spring play and hopefully more plays in coming years.

Ms. Cantrell is also exposing the drama club members to local theatre. Sometime this spring Ms. Cantrell and the drama club will be going to St. Charles Community College to see a play as a field trip. It will be a very informative experience for the members to see aspiring actors and actresses performing.

The play the drama club will be performing this spring is “Nothing is the End of the World (Except the End of the World.” It is a play about two artificial intelligence robots going to high school and how the students react and the AIs themselves react to this.

If you want to see this play, it is scheduled for April 22, 2022, and April 23, 2022. So, keep your ears and eyes open for when tickets go on sale for the play and any other time to come support our drama club.

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