Scream (2022): Better Than the Original?

Scream has always been a fun series even at its worse, so it was expected to be enjoyable at the least. However, Scream (2022) more than covers the enjoyability factor of Scream movies. It took Scream back to what made it good originally, a good slasher flick that is also meta with things to say about the horror genre. This time around it talks about new horror movies, and the overabundance of “requels” and sophisticated horror movies in the modern day. “Requels” actually is a word made up by one of the protagonists, meaning, a horror movie that slightly remakes the original but acts as if it’s a sequel. Especially funny regarding that this film is quite exactly that.

The new Scream movie is the first Scream not directed by horror genius, Wes Craven, as he sadly died in 2015. So the directors, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, had a tough time trying to recreate the beauty of the original while taking the franchise in new directions. For the most part, I think they did this well throughout the movie. At times, it can feel like it is engaging the audience by referencing instead of good writing, but it’s few and far between enough for me not to care. It does rely on nostalgia a lot with the returning roles of the original cast, but it never overstays its welcome with the obligatory fan service.

One thing I love about this film, and the reason it elevates over all other sequels in the series, is the actual horror. Scream 1 balanced the horror and comedy brilliantly so it didn’t feel like only one of the two genres. The sequels relied much more on comedy over horror, something I don’t enjoy personally as a viewer. The mascot Scream Face should be memorable in the movie, and not a delivery system for meta jokes just for the sake of it.

I don’t know if this is controversial, but I think this is easily the scariest Scream Face has ever been due to how brutal he is. Maybe it is my younger mind that doesn’t find old horror movies as scary, even though I still love them, but I find this the scariest portrayal of Scream Face. Every kill in the movie is devastating, and you can feel the hits of the knives, due to both the directing and acting of it all. Some of these actors are giving their best, and you can feel it, as you feel empathy for them. I have to give credit to Jenna Ortega for easily being one of the best actors in any horror movie, I mean it. It feels like she is actually in pain and agony throughout the movie, something I think needs to be portrayed in a slasher like this.

Something the series is known for is the plot twists, and while I won’t spoil it, I don’t think it is as good as the original. I won’t be on this long, but the twist did feel half-baked and even slightly predictable early on in the story. It’s not the worst in the series, but easily not the best. So it comes to this predictable twist and a slightly less good script to edge out as not as good as the original. However, this movie is still fantastic if you’ve seen the original and like horror movies, as it delivers the modern Scream movie concept. In fact, I would give this movie an 85% on the rating scale.

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