Types of Popular art – abstract

There are plenty of types of art that people can do, and abstract is one of the many kinds of art. People do art as hobbies and fun activities, and some people use art as a way to cope with things and take their mind off of things for a little bit. Some people find it boring, which can happen if you start to lose motivation for the project that you’re doing, which isn’t a bad thing and can happen quite often, but then there are people who can find it calming as well which can then lead to making really intriguing things. 

Abstract art tends to use visual language of shape, form, colors, and lines to create an artwork which tends to not really use the real world as an example.

Some of the things that people use when they are making abstract art are lines, texture, shapes, form, colors, and value.  

In abstract art, lines can be out there and very noticeable, or very subtle. Abstract art works can have several kinds of lines, and it can easily be transitioned into a different type of line. An important factor in using lines is its quality and how the person making the artwork uses them.

With using texture in an artwork there are two different types: one is in a more controlled way. When you think of the texture which you can put in your artwork is a more natural way. A second one includes many random textures without really thinking about it or the end results, which could in the end make something really interesting. There are a few ways to do this which is closing your eyes and not looking or doing things quickly so you’re not paying much attention. 


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