‘Jigsaw’ Review

Conan Gray for “Jigsaw”

On January 21st, Conan Gray released his fifth single in the past year, which is causing some speculations about a new album, but that’s beside the point. This song is a piece of Conan that we’ve never seen before and it’s a complete masterpiece.

‘Jigsaw’ is a rock song, which is a place that Conan has experimented with before on his hit songs ‘Maniac’ and ‘Wish You Were Sober’ and even more on his tracks ‘The Cut That Always Bleeds’ and ‘Affluenza.’ So, jumping into this full slow-rock song, was unexpected but also not a full surprise.

‘Jigsaw’’s lyrics are deeply piercing as he references changing himself to make someone like him, so much so that he didn’t even like himself. The astonishing way that Conan describes this in ‘Jigsaw’ is breathtaking, it’s that kind of song that you just want to sit in your shower and cry to or the song you listen to when you’re in your feels at 3am.

The instruments in ‘Jigsaw’ are what really get me. The guitar mixed with the angst and pain you can hear in Conan’s vocals grabs ahold of the listener at first listen. The guitar solo in the bridge is absolutely sensational, I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why, it’s just beautiful.

Conan’s pain singing this song makes this song hurt even more than the lyrical complement to it. He puts every ounce of hurt into his music and it absolutely shows in ‘Jigsaw.’ Conan’s frustration and sorrow during the chorus show how much he is going through and how it affected him even in the moment of recording this track.

With the lyrics and the instruments in this song being absolutely astonishing and breathtaking, every drop of Conan’s pain is put into this song. I definitely suggest listening to this song.

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