The Star Wars Prequels: Far Worse Than What You Can Imagine

Star Wars is the second biggest movie franchise in the world, and after more than twelve films and seven shows, it still proves to be popular. All of this success came from the original trilogy of star wars back in 1977-1983 with the mind of George Lucas. However, one thing is overlooked by most people, that being that George Lucas did not make the film himself. I do not mean to insult George Lucas’ work, as I appreciate what he has done for cinema, but I do not think he is what makes star wars good.

If you don’t see where I am coming from, back in the ’70s when the first film was being made, George Lucas hired a team to look over and help with his film. Notoriously, they have talked about how miserably paced the original movie was before they helped. I don’t say any of this to throw shade on George Lucas, but I say this because it is the problem with the prequel trilogy.

The original film had many scenes cut and edited with even a few new scenes, some of which you can watch on youtube. This was mandatory for the plot to even make sense for the average viewer. So I think it is not a coincidence that every mistake in the prequels comes from bad editing, pacing, directing, and writing. George Lucas was clearly on his own, which is cool for him, but it drastically changed the films from being good.

When the prequel trilogy came out, a lot of people complained about all of the above I just stated. However, for some mistaken reason, people in the past few years have been defending these films for being masterpieces like Scorsese films. Now whilst I do think the reason for this is that people are not a fan of the new trilogy, it is still stupidly silly to think. I’m not controlling what films you like, as you can enjoy any film you want, but, if you love the prequels and hate the new trilogy, you are blinded by nostalgia. 

First off, the editing in these movies is abysmal. Many scenes do not go together, and it makes the viewer feel discombobulated. Sometimes the scene will actively cut off before it feels like it should, and it also adds to the bad pacing. Other times the scene will linger on actors’ faces for far too long whilst they are doing nothing at all. There are scenes where it feels like the actors don’t know what to do, so they walk around aimlessly until the scene ends.

This goes into pacing, which is some of the worst I’ve seen in any movie ever. These added-on scenes of actors doing nothing, or of it abruptly cutting, feel odd. Instead of going over important plot details, sometimes the film will just quickly go over it like it isn’t important. Other times the move will over-linger far too much with the boring and stale exposition coming from blank and emotionless acting. There is a scene of the main character just walking through a hallway for a minute whilst intense music plays like something is happening. The movie feels like it was a joke most of the time, causing me to laugh when not prompted at all.

Some of the writing makes me depressed that it was allowed to go past the pre-editing phase of writing a screenplay. As a hopefully future screenwriter myself, I can safely say these are probably some of the worst scripts for movies ever made. Exposition is covering this film, yet if you ask the average viewer of the first movie what the plot is, they won’t know. It is baffling how little these lengthy monologues add to the story. The basic story of these films can be summed up in less than five minutes, yet they can’t even describe what is happening in over six hours of films.

Not to mention the atrocious directing that make the actors feel like robots pretending to be human. I do not have a problem with any of these actors, it has some of the greatest such as Samuel L Jackson, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor, etc. Yet they are all horrible in these films all because of the directing. George Lucas is horrible at telling these actors how to feel in these scenes, leading them to sound monotoned and boring. That also adds to the appalling pacing, as it can feel so boring when they feel like they are just reciting lines with no emotion. The exception is, sometimes, Ewan McGregor, specifically in the third film of the trilogy. Though still, it is actively hurting how bad all of the things I’ve stated are.

If you love the prequels and hate the new films, admit it, you are a huge hypocrite and blinded only by nostalgia. You have to actively convince yourself to watch these movies to get to any of the “good” parts, which there technically are. While Revenge of the Sith is the best of the three, it has all of the problems, just with a good finale. These films are all awful to me, and I love 2/3rds of the new films. That’s right, I think The Last Jedi is better than any of the prequels, but that’s a talk for another day. Below is my rating of each of the films.

The Phantom Menace: 25%

The Attack of the Clones: 20%

The Revenge of the Sith: 65%

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