Types of Art – 3D Pen and Printing

There are a few certain differences between doing a 3D print and using a 3D pen.  Using a 3D pen is something that you do more manually with your hands which can be used to add small details that you couldn’t with a 3D printer. Or, you can use it to make a repair to … Continue reading Types of Art – 3D Pen and Printing



I love track, track is so fun. I am a thrower for the Winfield high school's JV team and I throw discus and shotput. discus are basically weighted frisbees that you swing side to side and throw. the shot is an 8-pound ball you put up to your neck and you go side to side … Continue reading track


Inside each door is another piece of me. The more you explore, the more you'll see. From the attic to the floor, you’ll know all about me. Will I start to bore or will you be intrigued by me? My life isn’t all blood and gore, you’re just picking at pieces of me. Inside each … Continue reading doors

Senior Spotlight

Gage Trempler What are you the most excited about after high school? No more school What's your favorite thing about senior year? Part-Time What was your favorite moment in high school? Sports What are your plans after high school? College