Benson Boone “ROOM FOR 2” Artwork

Benson Boone is a small artist, starting off on TikTok, he’s made his big break into the musical industry, with his hit song “GHOST TOWN,” which was released back in October. His sophomore single, “ROOM FOR 2,” was released last month and immediately received attention, from his newly titled fans.

Contrasting the debut single “GHOST TOWN,” this song has a romantic, upbeat feel to it. It starts with Benson’s voice alone with a fun little instrument, adding a beat, then slowing back down for the pre-chorus, leading into a triumphant break right before the chorus. Now falling apart for the second verse and bridge, the instruments, display a perfect flow for Benson’s fine written lyrics.

Benson’s lyrics proved itself to be astonishing on his debut single, “GHOST TOWN,” but on this song, it shows how versatile the artist can be. He can make a sentimental, flawless ballad, but can also make these upbeat, romantic jams, whilst still keeping it all the same feeling.

Overall, I think “ROOM FOR 2,” was an adorable love song, just in time for Valentine’s day, and I am definitely going to be adding it my playlist of songs I’m putting on a loop. Go check out Benson’s song “ROOM FOR 2” and if you’ve got a little time check out “GHOST TOWN” too.

“ROOM FOR 2” (Review)

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