Harry Styles for ”Harry’s House” album artwork.

Harry Styles made headlines last week with his lead-single “As It Was” for his forthcoming album “Harry’s House,” which was also announced last week. But, before I get into more details about the album, I wanna talk about this song, “As It Was.”

The song, with incredibly depressing lyrics, has an upbeat feeling to it that makes you want to get up and dance no matter what kind of mood you’re in. It begins with his goddaughter’s voice, presumed to be a voicemail, which might be referenced later when he sings the line, “answer the phone, “Harry, you’re no good alone.” That line, which is in the second verse of the song, is one of my favorites, Harry is an amazing lyricist and not only did his previous albums prove that, but I’m absolutely sure his new album will not let down. 

The verses in this song have such a smooth feeling to them, which make it easy to listen to. However, that smooth feeling, has a feeling that no other song can capture, as smooth and soft as the feeling Harry captures, you’d think it was another ballad; however, it is not. As I said, this song has an upbeat feeling to it that makes you want to move, no other artist has been able to do this as Harry has done with “As It Was.”

Now, let me move to the insane theories and details about this upcoming album. “Harry’s House” was first teased last year, while Harry was touring, he’s been referencing the title, singing songs like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” while repeating “there’s no place like home.” The fans have de-coded every move Harry has made since. Through a website with the link www.youarehome.co, Harry has been teasing encrypted messages that only fans seemed to understand, these messages lining up to be more information about the tracks and lyrics on the album. 

Let me just say, it’s definitely been an eventful past month for Harry Styles and the talk isn’t nearly over as we still have over a month until the release of “Harry’s House.” Make sure you check out “As It Was” and go ahead and pre-save his new album “Harry’s House” because I have a feeling it might just be the next “Album Of The Year.”

‘As It Was’ Review

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