There are various forms of things that you can use when working with driftwood. There are people who have painted them burned them use them to make sculptures, or use them for a decoration in your house 

Driftwood sculptures are made of driftwood that is found on beaches or along riverbanks. Driftwood can be used to make things like furniture and lamps there are some you can buy or make it yourself, and it can be a base for a table decoration 

Driftwood burning is called pyrography or pyrogravure it is a free handed art of decorating wood or a few other different materials with burn marks that is a result from the controlled application of a heated object like a poker or called a pokerwork. When burning driftwood there are a variety of tips that you can use some are used for making lines and curves and some are used for shading 

Types of art – Driftwood art

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