Chlöe for ”Treat Me” music video.

Chlöe Bailey (also known as Chlöe) released her second single “Treat Me” on April 8th. The song expectedly was another smash. So, let’s get into it.

“Treat Me,” is another woman-empowering track from Chlöe, after her debut single “Have Mercy,” this wasn’t surprising. The R&B artist shows how she treats and loves herself and how any partner should love her the way she loves herself.

The track is layered with amazing vocals and background music. The song showcases just how amazing Chlöe’s vocals can be, which we’ve known from her previous work with her sister on “Chloe x Halle.” Her vocals in the chorus of the song are exceptional, showing just how amazing they can be, which wasn’t displayed the best it could’ve been on her previous single “Have Mercy.”

The instrumentals for this are astonishing. They song can really get you moving, as the instruments are very vibrant and move very well with Chlöe’s vocals and lyrics.

Overall, I truly think that if Chlöe keeps going the way she has been with her singles “Have Mercy” and “Treat Me,” we might just have another record breaking female artist in the industry. Her debut album could be just as breaking, as well. I’d definitely suggest listening Chlöe’s new single “Treat Me.”

‘Treat Me’ Review

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