Kirby and the Forgotten Land: A Brilliant Return to Form

Kirby has recently put out its newest adventure, this one having a slight twist into the mix. It’s the first Kirby game to be fully 3d. Something fans have been asking for years now, and the developers of Kirby at Nintendo finally did it. It’s amazing to think that no Kirby game was fully 3d until now, but it’s the truth. Not only that, but 3d makes the game far more intriguing. I have never been a super fan, but I do like a fair amount of Kirby. With this in mind, I think this perfects the formula for the most part. It has difficulty, exploration, and completionist elements for anyone to enjoy.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land does not have a major story, until the end, but it doesn’t need one. This game is designed for having fun and that’s okay because it is fun. It doesn’t matter why Kirby is there, because we know it doesn’t matter, and it ends up helping the game. The gameplay is the star here, for it combines creativity with exploration in an addicting way. For those who don’t know, Kirby’s main gimmick is that he swallows certain creatures to get their abilities to use. For instance, if Kirby swallows a fire enemy, he will be able to spit fire out of his mouth. It is a try and true mechanic that is still fun, as it shows creativity with not only the player but also the developers. Most enemies have abilities and it adds to the experience.

Kirby as a Water Balloon

A new mechanic this time is that Kirby can swallow everyday objects, and whilst this doesn’t amazing, it is the best part of the game. Examples include traffic cones, cars, water balloons, stairs, etc. Each of these adds a level of cute and funny abilities that are surprisingly fun to use, as they are the most fleshed out. Each one of these objects feels like they have a purpose in the environment, and it is always fun to see the puzzles you solve with them. My favorite is either the car or the traffic cone. The car is fun because you can speed through levels but it is easy to crash, whilst the traffic cone is fun because you can cause carnage with it. I think this mechanic was most thought about when developing and it shows.

Of course, I’ve left out the main new feature, Kirby is in 3d. Not only does this change the game for the better, but it should also be how all Kirby games are from now on. It makes secrets a lot more plentiful and rewards those who think smarter while playing. There are now some beautiful environments you can roughly explore more thoroughly. Not to mention, you can be more creative with abilities when you have 360 directions to use them. It makes the experience of this games hands down one of the most fun games of the past year for me.

As I said, I love this game, and I think you should try it if you have money, a Nintendo Switch, and like good games. The biggest flaw is that it can be repetitive if you play for too long of a session, but I digress. I give this game a 92% on my rating scale and I can’t recommend it enough.

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