The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent: A Massively Talented Film

Nicolas Cage has had a bumpy road of a career, mainly because it seems like he is in everything. He is the actor notorious for saying yes to some of the best and worst movies. With this in mind, Kevin Etten and Tom Gormican decided to make a film about Nicolas Cage’s life, of course, exaggerated. It’s a simple idea, but I think it is also great for opportunities.

The plot of this movie goes through the recent years of Nicolas Cage’s life, as it shows him being denied roles and not caring for his family. He is so absorbed with his ego in this movie, and he must overcome it to show his love for his family. Eventually, in search of money, he accepts an offer from a fan to stay with him for a million dollars. At first, Nicolas Cage does not like Javi, but eventually, they learn to like each other.

The plot of this movie sounds simple, and indeed it is. I didn’t explain every plot point to avoid spoilers, but the general plot is what I’ve written above. The reason this movie works is the writing around the plot. Making a comedy movie about Nicolas Cage has plenty of potential for meta jokes and references, which this movie makes a lot of. One of my favorite jokes is about Paddington 2, the masterpiece as it is. This movie makes the most of Nicolas Cage and uses his life as a vehicle for hilarious bits.

Not to mention, Pedro Pascal as Javi in this movie is perfect, ad I think he is the funniest part. He rolls off of Nicolas Cage so much, that honestly, I could believe if these guys were friends in real life. The funniest joke with him in the movie is about Nicolas Cage and him taking drugs, and how they would react to each other whilst on it. It honestly had me gaggling for minutes in the theatre, and it shows the comedic timing of Pedro Pascal.

With all of this in mind, this movie isn’t perfect. Like I said previously, the movie is very simple with its plot, sometimes relying on being meta more than making a movie. For instance, the ending did get a bit boring for me, as it changed from a comedy movie about two guys, to a dumb blockbuster movie. While I know this is on purpose, it goes on a bit longer if you ask me. Some scenes don’t feel like they needed to be in this film and are only in it to get a cheap laugh.

Although, my final verdict is that this movie is still very good. If you are in the mood for a funny movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and/or you love Nicolas Cage, then you will have a good time with this movie. After thinking a bit, I will give The Unbearable  Weight of Massive Talent an 88% on my review scale. My final thoughts are that it is a very funny movie with basic plotlines that you shouldn’t watch if you’re looking for a deeply thematic film.


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