My Final Article

Hello, readers of the Winfield Warriors Weekly Newspaper! I hope that you're having a good last couple of days of school! Keep on studying for finals and try to keep your stress levels down. You guys got this! Now, I'm writing this article to summarize my year on the Winfield Warriors Weekly Newspaper. I started … Continue reading My Final Article


Percy Jackson TV Show Casting Announcement and Controversy

The Percy Jackson Trio (from left to right): Leah Sava Jeffries (Annabeth Chase), Walker Scobell (Percy Jackson), and Aryan Simhadri (Grover Underwood). "Percy Jackson and the Olympians," a popular book series about Greek gods, is being made into a TV show! If you're a fan of "Percy Jackson," you understand the excitement. For those who … Continue reading Percy Jackson TV Show Casting Announcement and Controversy

no tomorrow

One day, there won’t be a tomorrow. Unlike the rest of the world, I won’t find sorrow. Somewhere, hiding behind a shadow is a faded photo, familiar faces you may know. Smiles captured as they glow. Years from now, those smiles begin to grow. They’ll fade and the new will borrow. Dancing in your wind, … Continue reading no tomorrow

‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ (Review)

Taylor Swift for her new single "This Love (Taylor's Version)" Last night, Taylor Swift announced her second single from the highly-anticipated re-recorded version of her fifth album "1989." This single would be the re-recorded version of the 11th track from 1989, titled "This Love." It will also feature in the new Amazon Prime exclusive movie … Continue reading ‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ (Review)