Types of Art – Ice Sculptures 

Ice sculptures are mainly used for decorating purposes but can also be used as something functional. The main kind of ice that is used with sculpting ice is white ice blocks which look kind of like snow. You can combine clear ice and dyed ice to get different effects depending on how you use them.

When you are wanting to dye the ice that is being used to sculpt, you’d need smaller ice cubes to place on the area that you are wanting to dye, and you would sprinkle dye powder onto the ice cube and wait for it to melt to where it would fill in the spaces with dye. If you get too much dye on one spot or if it’s too intense of a color and not what you’re wanting you can always put a plain ice cube on it where it would weaken the dye. The type of dye normally used is a fiber reactive dye, a cold water dye which is good when sculpting. This process does take a long time to work. It takes at a minimum of 6 – 8 hours for the dye to set in. 


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