Marvel Phase 4 Ranked From Worst to Best

Marvel has put out another movie in theatres, and with that, I thought to rank all of phase 4 of Marvel. Phases in the MCU, are acted as a chapter of the connected universe. Where phase 3 was mainly about Thanos and the snap, phase 4 is mostly about the multiverse and its possibilities with it. Ever since WandaVision, phase 4 has been throwing out content left and right, so I’m going to rank all 11 projects so far.

11: Eternals

As soon as Eternals was announced, I was a bit hesitant. I knew nothing about the characters, and to have a team-up movie with ten characters we have never met, it’s a hard task. Sadly, the movie does not live up to the task. Chloe Zhao is known for her very good indie films, but I don’t think she is right for a big blockbuster like this. It’s not her fault that she had to deal with these extensive problems with making an intriguing movie with so many characters. This movie asked for way too much and ended up delivering far too little, and that’s why I ranked it in 11th place.

My Rating: 50%

10: What If…

An exciting idea, that ended up falling short. This is probably a controversial opinion, but I severely dislike What If… The premise is brilliant, with exploring the multiverse to see what weird things could happen. However, the idea is ruined when all you get is an unfunny 30 minutes of wasted opportunity. This show puts bad jokes, before actual writing or characters. The whole show is like a big nod to the characters you know, therefore, they thought they didn’t have to write them well. But the bad writing is far too big of a problem for me not to care.

My Rating: 52%

9: Black Widow

The opposite of What If.. is the scenario with Black Widow, the first movie of Phase 4. The idea of the Black widow was bad off the bat, as it was a prequel before Infinity War, as the first movie of a brand new chapter of the MCU. Given she was already dead, it makes this movie even more pointless. The worst of this film though is the lack of good writing or direction. This movie feels average in every way possible. Random plot devices, plot holes, bad characters, putting jokes before emotions, and an underwhelming villain, makes this movie low on my list.

My Rating: 58%

8: Falcon and the Winter Soldier

I don’t have much to say about this show, as it really is just a painfully average show. The potential for a misguided Captain America was amazing, but they ruined it by the finale. Other than that, it’s just more of what Black Widow was. Average writing with average characters. The reason this is a bit higher on my list though is that I think John walker at the beginning of the show makes up for any character in Black Widow.

My Rating: 68%

7: Hawkeye

A decently funny show, with a simple street-level problem, makes this show inconsequential. But, it also is what I like about this show. It’s a simple journey through New York, with actually interesting characters, and decent writing. The cameo at the end was very exciting, and it just adds to the experience. The jump from FaWS to this show is significant, but this show still isn’t anything special.

My Rating: 74%

6: WandaVison

A very similar story to a lot of the other projects on this list. A very interesting idea that falls short towards the end. I, like everyone else, loved the beginning of WandaVision. It was intriguing, creepy, and had very good characters. However, as it went on, it tried to solve the mystery too much, and I really didn’t like the directions they went. One last thing, I hate the pattern of Marvel thinking they have to have a mediocre battle at the end of a show. Not every show needs a big CGI fight fest, and I’m getting tired of it.

My Rating: 76%

5: Moon Knight

This ranking disappoints me immensely, as Moon Knight was my most hyped show of the whole entire year, but unfortunately is underwhelming. The mystery and twist I think are well done, but some scenes were absolutely unnecessary in this show. I think episode 3 is a prime example of this, as nothing happens in it but a mediocre fight scene. Episode 5 saves the show, as it is severely emotional for a Marvel movie or show, and it really shocked me.

My Rating: 78%

4: Shang-Chi

An unexpected hit that didn’t blow my mind, but sure did get me entertained. This is the most classic Marvel movie on this list and it shows the potential for a little-known character like Shang-Chi. It has amazing action, funny jokes, intriguing characters, and a decent story. Shang-Chi might not be anything mind-blowing, but it sure is one hell of a fun ride.

My Rating: 83%

3: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

As of this ranking, I have just watched this film the night previously, therefore, I still have mixed feelings about it. I do think though that this is where I would eventually put it on my list. A very gruesome Marvel movie that breaks formulas left and right. Whatever you’re thinking of this movie, you probably aren’t even prepared. It may not live up to the hype of the reported cameos, but what there is, is exciting. The story is not strong here, but the direction is decent enough to make this a fun but disappointing Marvel movie.

My Rating: 84%

2: Loki

An unacceptably good Marvel show that gives me everything I want from a show like this. Give me amazing characters, good action without having to rely on it, good writing, and an amazing direction for the universe. The idea of going through the time with Loki is already a great idea, but what adds to it is the really fun characters adventuring with him. I love episode 5, and it captures the perfect Marvel experience as well. If you have not watched this show, this is the first I severely recommend you watch.

My Rating: 92%

1: Spiderman: No Way Home

If you’ve read my previous review of this movie when it came out, you might think I hate this movie, but in reality, I was being too harsh. Looking back and rewatching it, the movie perfectly encapsulates how to center your movie around cameos without relying on them too much. This is still a very fan-service kind of movie, but it doesn’t stop it from writing a great Spiderman story as well. This movie is constantly fun, and I never wanted it to end, like most other things on this list. I also love the direction of the ending, as it is exactly what I want Spiderman to be in the future, and it honestly makes me more excited for Spiderman 4 than a lot of other marvel movies that actually have information about them. This is the best Phase 4 movie, and I think the only thing that might dethrone it is Thor: Love and Thunder, but that’s for another day once that movie comes out. 

My Rating (Now): 95%


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