Taylor Swift for her new single “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”

Last night, Taylor Swift announced her second single from the highly-anticipated re-recorded version of her fifth album “1989.” This single would be the re-recorded version of the 11th track from 1989, titled “This Love.” It will also feature in the new Amazon Prime exclusive movie “The Summer I Turned Pretty.”

Almost a year ago, the world got its first glance at “1989 (Taylor’s Version),” months later Taylor released her version of Wildest Dreams, and a few weeks after, fans got a teaser of the re-recorded hit single “Bad Blood,” but this is a whole new story. “This Love” is yet another fan favorite that Taylor has now decided to make a single the second time around. This is a pretty exciting day for fans of the pop star. Especially because this could indicate that the re-recorded version of her hit album might just be incoming.

The song starts with an orchestral and acoustic guitar mix, fading as Taylor starts singing the track. The verses slowly lean into the heart-stopping chorus. In the second verse, the drum in the orchestra starts to pick up as she slowly goes into the next chorus. The chorus is an eruption of amazing vocals and lyrics, going into one of the best bridges you will ever hear. Expectedly, the bridge of a Taylor Swift song is one of my favorite parts of the whole song. The drums, guitar, and orchestral instruments all mix together with a perfect combination of Taylor’s vocals, the bridge is amazing.

I strongly suggest you listen to this song at some point, whether you relate to the anxious feeling in Taylor’s lyrics or not. I definitely think Taylor did amazing while re-recording this and I’m very excited to hear the rest of “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” So, check it out, don’t say I didn’t warn you about the bridge. I hope you think the song is as amazing as I did and maybe listen to it a couple more times, you won’t regret it!


‘This Love (Taylor’s Version)’ (Review)

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