My Final Article

Hello, readers of the Winfield Warriors Weekly Newspaper! I hope that you’re having a good last couple of days of school! Keep on studying for finals and try to keep your stress levels down. You guys got this! Now, I’m writing this article to summarize my year on the Winfield Warriors Weekly Newspaper.

I started out this year not really knowing what to expect from being in Mass Media and writing for the school newspaper. At the beginning of this year, I wrote an article about a different sport or extracurricular group or club each week. I would interview the coach of that group and then 2-3 student members of the group to also get their take on why they joined it and what was most fun about it. After the first semester, this article aspect was getting harder and harder to catch my interest as an article idea, so I switched it up.

Along with those articles, I would frequently write an article about things going on around school. I wrote a couple of articles about clubs that I was in and what was going on with them, like the drama club being restarted when Cantrell joined the Winfield Staff. Another aspect for articles that I had interest in writing was the origin of different holidays and why we celebrate them. Those were some of my favorite articles to write, simply because I got to write an article and learn something new. It also came along with bringing a new meaning and understanding of holidays.

There were only a couple of articles I wrote that weren’t a weekly article idea. My favorites among them were: a review of “Tick, Tick…Boom!”-which I still encourage people to watch-, my top 5 ranked books to read before leaving high school, and an article I wrote just last week on the Percy Jackson tv show casting announcement.

Overall, I’ve learned a lot this year. I learned how to write a proper article, how to provide just enough detail in a piece of writing to cause interest but not so much to overwhelm a reader or bore them. Most of all, I’ve learned what it takes to be a journalist and I’ve come out of this class for the better.

So, for one last time, thank you to everyone for reading my articles this year! You made it worthwhile. Everyone, have a good summer!


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