Tick, Tick…Boom Review

The Cover Photo of Tick, Tick…Boom

Tick, Tick…Boom is a musical written in 1991 by Jonathan Larson. Jonathan Larson is the writer of Rent, a musical that deals with a number of social problems in life. It’s partially autobiographical to Larson’s own life. Tick, Tick…Boom is the story of Jon, an aspiring theatre writer. Throughout the movie musical, Jon is worried that he made the wrong career choice and is preparing for a workshop of a musical he’s been working on for 8 years. He feels like he’s running out of time and not doing enough in his life.

This was an honestly wonderful adaption of a broadway musical with a beautiful songs and a stellar cast. The songs are either upbeat and just overall really fun or they have a deep meaning that makes you feel very powerful emotions. With songs like “Boho Days” and “No More” you feel like dancing around and singing along. And then there’s the songs like “Come to Your Senses” and “Louder Than Words” that talk about realizing what’s going on in your life and actually doing something about it.

The movie also has a widely talented and star-studded cast that include Andrew Garfield in the lead role as Jonathan Larson, Vanessa Hudgens as Karessa, and Alexandra Shipp as Susan. Many of the background performers or supporting cast were also made up of many broadway legends and icons. There are also so many small details like Lin Manuel Miranda-who played Jonathan Larson in Tick, Tick…Boom in Encores! Off-Center Revival in 2014 and also the director of this movie musical adaption of Tick, Tick…Boom-played the cook in the Moondance Diner that Jonathan Larson worked waiting tables, among other details.

The cast all gave wonderful performances, but I want to talk specifically about Andrew Garfield’s performance as Jonathan Larson. After doing some research about Jonathan Larson’s life, relationships, personality, and characteristics, I have come to the conclusion that Andrew Garfield-along with the production team-did their research to make his performance as accurate and most like Jonathan Larson as they could. He played someone so focused who is burdened by the ever-present failure and rejection of being a theatre writer very well. Jonathan Larson had a lot to say about the world around him and was one of the main benefactors of changing the direction of broadway to be more inclusive and focus on more of the real and gritty problems faced with people today. Andrew Garfield was able to play this character with the emotional depth that it required and show just what Larson was probably thinking throughout this process of getting a musical put on broadway.

In conclusion, this was a wonderful movie-musical that I would encourage anyone to watch any chance that they get. They will be instantly enthralled and enchanted by this inspirational movie that has the perfect mix of rock and roll and classic showtunes.

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