Types of Popular Art – Fantasy

There’s a bunch of different types of art that someone can do whether it’s for a small job, school, or if it’s something that you enjoy doing. Within the different types of art, one of them is fantasy. 

Fantasy is a genre of art that typically depicts magical, mythological, or other supernatural themes, ideas, creatures, or settings. 

Fantasy art and genre in general can occasionally overlap with science fiction, and horror. There are a bunch of different unique elements that are generally not found in other forms of art. Fantasy art can be a mixture of imagination and a direct observation of reality, which can take reality and add an unrealistic, dreamy feeling to it. Fantasy can have things that don’t exist at all and create something new and exciting. 

Personally, I like fantasy art better than quite a few because it’s something that I personally like when I make art. I personally like the fact that you can be way more creative with it because you don’t have to stay in the bounds of reality. You can also create something that you don’t normally see in your life.


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